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Honorbuddy:HelpDesk:Honorbuddy and Arenas

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"Honorbuddy doesn't work in Arenas!"


Honorbuddy is not supported for Arena use.


The Bossland GmbH staff will not help you with problems related to Arena play.
Bossland himself has said many times that Bossland GmbH will not support taking Honorbuddy into Arenas. The company owners feel that allowing Arena play would be a "direct poke in the eye of Bliz", and to do such would make Bliz get really serious with anti-bot measures.
We all know that Arena players take their game very seriously. And, Bliz will not tolerate such an affront to their flagship competitive environment.
Simply put, the company owners have the final word in this policy. Arguing about the topic is moot. The edict is from the company owners.
With that said, the Bossland GmbH staff turns a blind eye to people that use a Combat Routine to assist them with Arena. But, if a profile/plugin/bot/etc were made available for Arena in the BosslandGmbH forums, it would be taken down.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I post a Botbase, Plugin, etc on the forum that supports Arenas?

The post would immediately be removed, and the poster will be subject to a forum infraction since it has been stated to be against the forum rules.

What about Combat Routines, are they allowed to be used in Arenas?

This is the one exception. Unlike bots, plugins, etc which are designed for a specific purpose, a Combat Routine is agnostic as to where it is used. Therefore, we allow them to be used in Arenas.
Because Bossland GmbH allows Combat Routines to be used in Arenas, does NOT mean we 'support', condone, or encourage it. Arena play is NOT SUPPORTED in any fashion!

But, my Combat Routine is made exclusively for Arena play!

This is simply not true. Combat Routines are agnostic to the bot using them, and can be used with any bot provided by Honorbuddy. Combat Routines designed for Arenas can also be used with Battlegrounds, Dungeons, Questing, and other bots, which are supported.
We agree that a particular Combat Routines may do a better job in some environments than others. But, that has absolutely no bearing on whether or not Arenas are 'supported' by Honorbuddy. Honorbuddy does NOT SUPPORT Arenas in any fashion!

Is there nothing I can do to use the bot in Arenas?

Try using the forum search to find others that use the bot in some capacity in Arenas.
But, the BosslandGmbH staff will not help you use Honorbuddy in Arena.


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