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This page contains all the XML Elements supported by the Levelbot. The Levelbot grammar implements:

The terminology used on the following pages adheres to standard XML conventions:
A 'tag' starts with a "<" and ends with a ">". Tags come in three varieties:
  • start tags (e.g., "<AvoidMobs>")
  • end tags (e.g., "</AvoidMobs>")
  • empty-element tags (e.g., "<Mob Name="Behsten" Id="35365" />")
An element is a logical concept that begins with a start tag, and ends with the corresponding end tag. Any content between the start and end tags are the element's content. The element's content may be composed of markup directives, or may contain other elements.
An attribute is a name/value pair that is contained within a start tag, or an empty-element tag. For example, given "<Mob Name="Behsten" Id="35365" />", both Name and Id are attributes.
The Wiki tries to use these terms consistently and precisely; however, there will no doubt be mistakes.


The following are common, or very important, attributes used by a number of the Levelbot profile elements:


The following elements are currently support by Levelbot:
<Hotspot> (PvP version)

Deprecated elements

These elements are accepted by Levelbot. However, the elements are deprecated, not supported, and may no longer work as they once did. These grammar elements are accepted merely to prevent errors in older profiles.

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