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15-Apr-2016: Bossland GmbH announced it would be terminating sales and support of Exilebuddy .

ExileBuddy will not be upgraded to address Path of Exile v2.2.2 and beyond. Sadly, the bot did not generate enough revenue to justify continued development effort.

As a courtesy, customers that bought a Exilebuddy key after 1-March-2016 can be refunded in full. More info here .

19-Apr-2016: Due to Community pleas to keep the bot going, Bossland GmbH decided to try an alternative business model for Exilebuddy. The model involves hiring a second developer, and switching to a monthly 'subscription based' model. Details are available in these forum threads:

Bossland GmbH has agreed to operate in this mode for a minimum of three months—even if it continues to operate at a loss. After three months, the sustainability of Exilebuddy using the new business model will be re-evaluated, and appropriate actions taken if necessary.

Bossland GmbH will be disabling all 'lifetime' Exilebuddy keys—only the monthly subscription-based keys will work with Exilebuddy. The offer remains to exchange the Exilebuddy 'lifetime' keys for a Lifetime key of another Buddy bot. Alternatively, for those that qualify, a full refund may be available. There is no time-limit being imposed for the exchange/refund window.

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