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Figure 1. House keys are not Buddy Session keys. Although, the day is ruined if you lose either one.


"I've lost my product key. How do I retrieve it again."
"I just bought Honorbuddy, and I"m not getting the email with the key. How do I get my key?"
"I forgot (or lost access to) the email I used to purchase the Buddy product."
"I bought a trial key, and the bot was down for two days due to a patch. Any way to get it extended?"
"Last time I used the bot, it required a login/password. Now it requires a product key. Where do I get this?"
"I believe my product key has been compromised. How do I go about getting a new one?"
"I let my friend borrow my key. Now we're not friends any more, and I want it back. How?"
"My key quit working after a few days"

To Remedy


Figure 2. Accessing your keys through the Buddy Authentication Portal.

Retrieval Technique #1 (Buddy Authentication Portal):
  • Navigate to the Authentication Portal
  • Register at the portal with the same email address you used to purchase Honorbuddy.
For complete instructions on setting up your account on the Buddy Authentication Portal, please see Getting Started with the Buddy Authentication Portal .
  • Log into the portal, and navigate to the "keys" tab. (see Figure 2.)
  • Your information is immediately available.


Figure 3. Contacting BosslandGmbH Customer Service.

Retrieval Technique #2 (BosslandGmbH Customer Service, or
  • Contact BosslandGmbH Customer Service and explain your problem to them. (Figure 3.)
    To speed the communication, they will need your original purchase email address and the transaction id of the purchase order you originally received in email. If you know the key in question, please include the key information also.
  • The Customer Service department can take up to 48 hours to respond to the email, and they don't work weekends, so please be patient.

I bought a Trial (or other time-limited) key, and the bot is being patched. Can I get some time back?

Absolutely. Please contact BosslandGmbH Customer Service using the procedure listed above. Explain your issue to them, and include your Trial key in the email you send. The front office will gladly extend your Trial key due to the Honorbuddy being down for maintenance or updating.

I believe my product key has been compromised. How do I get a new one? or
I loaned my key to a friend, and we're not friends any more. How do I keep him from using it?

Your only recourse in this situation is to contact Bossland GmbH Customer Service using the procedure listed above. They will invalidate your old product key, and issue you a new one.

I successfully logged into the portal, but my information is not there...

First, be certain you registered with the Portal using the same email address originally used to purchase the Buddy product. If you are confident that the correct email address is engaged, your only recourse is to contact BosslandGmbH Customer Service as described above.
The other possibility is that you are a victim of a scam--please keep reading.

I bought a second-hand key from someone...

While this is permitted by Bossland GmbH, we believe it to be a very risky proposition. You can read more about it here:
About Buddy Products
You must have the seller arrange with BosslandGmbH Customer Service for the transfer of ownership to your email address, and the seller should provide you an invoice number. This is the only way you can 'prove' you are the owner of record for the product. Double-check with BosslandGmbH Customer Service that you are now the 'owner of record' once the seller claims to have completed the transaction.
If you don't do this, then just like a Warcraft account, the original owner can come back and claim his account was 'hacked' and get it back at a later date.
BosslandGmbH is not a party to such a transaction, and assumes no responsibility. Such transactions are risky, and any complaint that may arise due to such a transaction must be resolved between the buyer and seller, only.

Did I get scammed?

The other possibility is unfortunate... you may have bought a key from a 'scam' website.
Bossland GmbH is the creator and sole distributor of Honorbuddy. The Bossland GmbH product offering web page is Buddy Store. If you bought the key from somewhere else, then you were scammed, and need to contact that website and ask for a refund. We have more information about the scams, here:
*Must* Read Important *Scam*
We understand that it is disturbing when you get taken. Please understand that Bossland GmbH is not a party to your purchase of bogus offerings. It is up to you to resolve the issue with the website from which you purchased the wares. Bossland GmbH is not a party in any fashion to your transaction.

Can I use the old Buddyshop 'username & password' as my key?

No. The new Buddy-product authentication system is not compatible with the old login/password machinery.
Ref: USERNAME based Login disabled for old Shop Users

Can't the forum mods or Support team help me?

Unfortunately, no. Neither the forum moderators, nor the Support team have access to any information pertaining to user keys, payment history, etc. That information is solely in the hands of the Bossland GmbH Customer Service department.
It is up to you to make contact with the Bossland GmbH Customer Service staff to resolve your issue. The forum mods and Support team have no power to help you with this.


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