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"I've installed the Buddy bot, but cannot find a .exe file to run. Help!"
"When I launch the Buddy bot, the main window is never displayed. What's wrong?"
"When Honorbuddy runs, my frame rate drops from 80 to 3-5 FPS."

To Remedy

Please note: Many people incorrectly believe that they "do not run an Antivirus". Please keep in mind that Windows Defender is an Antivirus that ships with the operating system, and is enabled by default. So, please be aware that if Windows Defender is running on your system, you ARE running an Antivirus.
The cause is your Antivirus is detecting the Buddy bot (or one of its dependencies) as a virus. The following steps should make certain that you are safely installing or updating the Buddy bot.
  • Step 1: Make certain your AntiVirus package is up-to-date.
Most antivirus packages are regularly updated with new scanner fingerprints. You should make certain you've got the latest scanner fingerprint file—this is usually accomplished with a simple 'update' button on your antivirus control panel.
  • Step 2: Make certain you obtained the Buddy bot from a reputable source.
If you got your bot from a third-party, discard it now without even thinking about it. (This includes if you got the file from another Buddy forum member.) The ONLY reputable source for Buddy bots is:
Buddy Updates website
  • Step 3: Make certain the Buddy bot is not in fact infected.
Although it is highly unlikely a Buddy bot will be infected if downloaded from the reputable source, it is a possibility we must rule out. This is simply a prudent action, given the way the software world works.
To ascertain if Buddy bot installer (.exe) or .zip is infected. Upload it to a 'wide band' virus detection site, like VirusTotal, and examine the results. Normally, you will get three to six 'false positives' out of the 50 or so scanners it runs. If you get an unreasonably large number of positives, or several of the 'well known' Virus scanners are flagging the file, then make a new thread in the Support forum asking about the veracity of the file. Do NOT install the file, until you get a definitive answer from the Support team.
  • Step 4: Make certain your Buddy bot's directory, and all the executables contained therein, are exceptions to your AntiVirus.
If you are installing Honorbuddy, then the 'installer' executable must also be an exception.
The above steps should have verified your particular Antivirus packages is detecting the Buddy bot as a 'false positive'. To prevent the 'false positive' from interfering with the Buddy bot, you will need to make certain the Buddy bot directory is an exception in your AntiVirus package.
You will need to make an AntiVirus exception for the entire Buddy Bot directory, not just the .exe file. A Buddy Bot uses a number of DLLs, and compiles additional ones dynamically—all of which must be exceptions to the AntiVirus.
  • Step 5: Some AntiVirus also require executables to be made specific exceptions, also.
Executables are sometimes subject to 'heuristic analysis' while in memory. Some AntiVirus requires the specific executables be declared as exceptions in the AntiVirus 'execution engine settings' (or whatever the AntiVirus calls it). If your AntiVirus requires this additional configuration, you must make the Honorbuddy executable, the Honorbuddy Launcher executable, and the Honorbuddy installer executable exceptions.
You will need to google, or visit the forums of your AntiVirus maker, to determine if this additional configuration is needed, and how to accomplish this task.

"But it worked fine with the Antivirus, yesterday!"

Occasionally, users will indicate that "nothing changed on their system", but "all of the sudden the Buddy bot is now having problems". In these cases, the users failed to consider the automatic AntiVirus updates that can happen several times a day. These updates are silent—they happen without asking for permission, or notifying the user.
An Antivirus update is the first thing to suspect when Honorbuddy 'suddenly breaks'. Chances are the Antivirus is now wrongly detecting Honorbuddy or one of the DLLs it uses with a 'false positive'.

"But, I've removed my AntiVirus!"

Then you are running Windows Defender, by default. If you never install a third-party AntiVirus (e.g., Bitdefender, Norton, et al), then Windows Defender is running by default. If you previously ran a third-party AntiVirus, but have removed it, Windows puts Windows Defender back.
In short, the chances of your 'not running an AntiVirus' are non-existent.

What if I Still Suspect My Antivirus?

Indeed, some AntiVirus packages have complex configurations. Some packages do not provide for disabling the AV features required for allowing Honorbuddy to run without interference.
If you still suspect your AntiVirus is causing problems for Honorbuddy, you should temporarily uninstall it completely, and reboot your system. After the reboot, test Honorbuddy again for proper operation in the absence of the Antivirus package. If Honorbuddy successfully runs in this environment, you should look for a new AntiVirus package.
If you do temporarily remove your AntiVirus, be certain to reboot your computer after the removal to eliminate any background processes and hooks it has installed.

Why is Honorbuddy detected as a Virus?

Buddy bots are not a normal software application. The communication channels it establishes to do its job can look like virii to AntiVirus packages. These communications channels can change slightly at every Buddy bot update. So, what was previously acceptable to the AntiVirus package, may now be detected as a 'false positive' until the AntiVirus scanner fingerprints are updated.
Alternatively, your AntiVirus scanner fingerprints may have been recently updated, and they now contain a mistake that incorrectly recognizes the Buddy bot as containing virii.
An AntiVirus cannot distinguish between a 'real positive' and a 'false positive'. It treats the both the same, deleting or quarantining files it doesn't like. These 'false positives' are not a failing of Honorbuddy, but of the AntiVirus.

Can an AntiVirus really affect my game client FPS rates?

Yes, absolutely. We find AntiVirus interference to be one of the most common causes of low FPS.
AntiVirus behavior analysis can sometimes take a considerable amount of time before it decides the 'Buddy bot behavior is okay'. When an AntiVirus is performing behavioral analysis, the Buddy bot is impeded from running. Since many Buddy bot interactions with the game client require the 'frame' to be locked, this has the effect of destroying the game client frame rate.
Each AntiVirus vendor implements these algorithms differently, and they're constantly being tuned. So, FPS may be fine in one AntiVirus update, but have problems in the next.
Occasionally, users will indicate that "nothing changed on their system", but "all of the sudden the Buddy bot is causing FPS issues". In these cases, the users failed to consider the automatic AntiVirus updates that can happen several times a day.

Some Antivirus are very difficult to configure correctly

Here are some things to keep an eye on:

  • Some Antivirus require the Buddy bot to be listed in both a 'process exception' list, and a 'file exception' list.
  • Some Antivirus updates will remove your 'exceptions', and you must configure them again.
This usually happens after an Antivirus update, which can happen several times a day on occasion.

I obtained my copy of the Buddy bot from a fellow Community member. Is it safe?

"No. Never."
Although most Community members are just trying to be helpful, there are a number of 'bad apples' that lurk in our forums. They look for attempts to be 'helpful' by providing you infected Buddy bot files. These infected files can be general run-of-the-mill virus, or they may be targeted to try to steal your game account credentials, or worse (e.g., bank account).
The forum mods take immediate action any time someone posts an .exe or .dll file. This is a perma-bannable offense . However, if you download the file before the moderators have detected and taken action against the offending poster, you are at risk.
Never use Buddy bot distributions obtained from places other than Buddy Updates.


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