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A Whirlwind Video Tour

No one likes to read walls of text...
Fortunately, there are two excellent videos to get you started. If you don't like reading, we recommend you give these videos a look, and if you have problems or questions, come back to this article and find the answers.
In the first video, the viewer is...
  • Shown account access verification on the Authentication Portal
  • Introduced to the Buddy Store
  • Shown how to purchase a product
  • Shown how to make the product available to the Buddy bot
In the second video, the viewer is...
  • Installing the latest version of the Buddy bot
  • Shown how to use the Buddy Store product in the Buddy bot

Why the Buddy Store exists

The Bossland GmbH bots, such as Honorbuddy, have come a long way from their roots of a handful of bot users. The Buddy bots were created with an open architecture to allow the Community to extend the bots beyond their shipped capabilities. Without a doubt, our Community developers have decisively delivered on that intent.
Today, there are tens, if not hundreds, of webpages where third-party additions are been advertised and/or sold. The bot Community had to go various places and do heavy research to determine the value of any given product, and the quality of the developer offering it. The Buddy Forums provide no relief, as Bossland GmbH does not allow its forums to become a marketplace for advertising and peddling wares.
The solution was to provide the Buddy Store where developers and users can do business in a single place. The developers offering products in the Buddy Store have been vetted. And Community members have a single place to do research and provide feedback as to the quality of the offered products.
We believe the Buddy Store offers the following benefits:
  • High Quality extensions to our Bots
  • Products we never thought of
  • Easy to maintain extensions, always up to date
  • Allows developers to focus on creating outstanding products, and not waste time with sales/refunds/etc.
  • Safe and secure payments to Bossland GmbH
  • Full "no question asked" refunds within 7 days of purchase

Gaining Access to the Buddy Store

If you have noticed, there is no way to directly create an 'account' on the Buddy Store. Obviously, without an account you can't buy (even "free") products from the store.
The Buddy Store's account is associated with your Buddy bot purchase (e.g., Honorbuddy, Demonbuddy, etc). Once you have purchased one of these bots, you need to set up your account on the Authentication Portal. The following article will guide you through the process:
Creating an account on the Buddy Authentication Portal
Once that account is set up, you can use the same credentials to log into the Buddy Store.

Logging onto the Buddy Store

You will not be able to purchase products (even free ones), or redeem Gift Keys, unless you are logged into the Buddy Store with an account that contains a Buddy bot on it. If you have not created your account for the Buddy Store, please follow the instructions here .
The logon process is simple as shown in Figure 1.1.
Figure 1.1. The Buddy Store login process:
1. Navigate to the Buddy Store, and click on the "Log on" button in the upper right corner.
2. Fill in the name and password, then click on "Log On".
3. Verify that you are logged in to the store by observing your name in the upper right corner.

Purchasing Products through the Buddy Store

Figure 2.1. Product prices are defined by each product's developer.
Buddy Store offers a wide variety of enhancements to Honorbuddy. These include:
  • Bots
  • Combat Routines
  • Plugins
  • Profiles
The Buddy store contains offerings from both the Bossland GmbH development staff (which are free), and third-party developers.
"Help, I don't know what all these things (Bots, Combat Routines, etc.) are!"
Indeed, it can be daunting for newcomers. These concepts are discussed in The Architecture of Honorbuddy . It would be best to learn the concepts, and go play with Bossland GmbH product as you originally bought it, before adding anything to it from the Buddy Store.
"Why don't you just ship all the free stuff with Honorbuddy?"
First, Bossland GmbH does not author all the "free" content in the Buddy Store, and does not have the distribution rights to do such. Second, each product you add to Honorbuddy increases its startup time slightly. If you added all the thousands of "free" products from the store, you would be very unhappy with having to sort through them inside the Buddy bot, and wait for the Buddy bot to finish initializating.
Figure 2.2. An example product in the Buddy Store.
Each developer sets the price of his product in the Buddy store. Some sample pricing is shown in Figure 2.1. Developers are not required to provide "trial periods" for their products; however, most do, as its in their best interest to do so. Alternatively, you may find a developer offering a "lite" version that is free, and a "premium" version that costs money.
Once you have settled on a product you wish to purchase, click on the corresponding "purchase" button (shown in Figure 2.2), and you will be taken to a checkout page. "Free" products are available to you immediately without having to fill out payment details.

A successful purchase...

Figure 2.3. A successful purchase from the Buddy Store.
When you make a successful purchase from the Buddy Store, you will be presented with a page similar to that shown in Figure 2.3.
The text in the green box reads:
"Thank you for your purchase!
This product will be loaded in your bot automatically on next start.
Please check out our guide about how it works: Getting Started with the Buddy Store"

A failed purchase...

Figure 2.4. A failed purchase from the Buddy Store.
Failure to make a purchase from the Buddy Store looks like that shown in Figure 2.4. Failure to purchase a product can only happen if you are not using an Buddy Store account that has a Buddy bot product key associated with it.
The text in the red box reads:
"Error! Purchase failed. You don't own a key for Honorbuddy in your buddyauth account. Please make sure you are using the buddyauth account that your Keys are bound to."
How does this happen?
You are trying to make purchase from the Buddy Store with a fabricated email address—this won't work. You must use the same email address that was used to purchase Honorbuddy (or the corresponding Buddy bot for the product). This article should help you resolve the problem:
Creating your account with the Buddy Authentication Portal

Redeeming Gift Keys at the Buddy Store

Figure 3.1 Example Gift Key email from a developer.
If you've been fortunate enough to receive a "Gift Key" from a developer for his product, you can redeem the key in the Buddy Store. Developers have a very limited number of Gift Keys, so they are not given out very often.
The most likely time you will receive a Gift Key... when the developer is moving his product from a third-party website into the Buddy store. Bossland GmbH provides the developer with enough Gift Keys to migrate his existing customer base.

Figure 3.2 Entering Gift Key received from developer into Buddy Store claim form.
To redeem your Gift Key:
  • Navigate to Buddy Store, and log in.
  • Visit the URI the developer has provided in the email.
Figure 3.1 shows what such an email might look like.
  • Enter your key into the resulting form that is displayed, and hit the "Claim" button as shown in Figure 3.2.
Gift keys are strongly tied to the product for which they were generated. You may not use a Gift Key to claim another product in the Buddy Store.

Enabling the Product for Streaming to the Buddy Bot

Figure 4.1. Navigating to your purchased products in the Buddy Store.
Once a product has been purchased in the Buddy Store, you want to make certain it is enabled for streaming. The first step to enable streaming is to navigate to the "My Purchases" panel in the Buddy Store, as shown in Figure 4.1.

Figure 4.2. Enabling the product for streaming requires a 'green' background with the word "Disable" showing. Products enabled in such a way are made available to the bot clients associated with your Buddy Session Key.
The next step is to inspect that the product is indeed enabled for streaming as shown in Figure 4.2.
Streaming is ENABLED when the background is green, and the word "Disable" is showing. If you wish to disable streaming, then click on the word "Disable", and the background will turn red with the word "Enable" showing.
The Buddy store automatically enables streaming for "Gift", "Free", and "Paid" products. For "Beta" products, streaming may be disabled by the store when you acquire access to the product.
If a product does not have 'streaming' turned on, the product will be unavailable to the Buddy bot associated with this Buddy Store account.
"Why shouldn't I just enable everything?"
This is perfectly fine for a small number of products.
Each product you enable for streaming will slightly increase the startup time of the Buddy bot. This startup time is influenced by the size of the product, the number of products, and the speed of your Internet connection. If you have acquired many products and your Buddy bot initialization time starts getting too long, you should turn off those that are not presently needed.
There is another situation that can occur... if you previously used "lite" version of a product, and have bought the corresponding "premium" version. You will want to disable the "lite" version from streaming, as that can lead to 'naming conflicts' and other issues if both are streamed at the same time.
"Help! I made a purchase and enabled streaming in the Buddy Store, but the Buddy bot is not showing my streaming content!"
See the "Troubleshooting " section in the FAQ below.

Accessing the Products within Honorbuddy

Products purchased from the Buddy Store do not need to be downloaded or installed anywhere. Instead, the Buddy bot magically knows about their presence, provided you have enabled "Streaming" as described above.
Figure 5.1. New Bots are automtically available to Honorbuddy when streamed from the Buddy Store.


Bots will automatically be available in Honorbuddy as shown in Figure 5.1. There is no downloading or installation you must do to make this happen—this happens automatically as a consequence of "streaming" the product from the Buddy Store.
Bots obtained from the Buddy Store will NOT show up in your .../Honorbuddy/Bots/ folder. The bots are available to Honorbuddy; however, they are not visible in the file structure.

Figure 5.2. Combat Routine selection dialogs are presented when a Combat Routine is being streamed from the Buddy Store.

Combat Routines

Combat Routines will automatically be available in Honorbuddy when it launches as shown in Figure 5.2. There is no downloading or installation you must do to make this happen—this happens automatically as a consequence of "streaming" the product from the Buddy Store.
Combat Routines obtained from the Buddy Store will NOT show up in your .../Honorbuddy/Routines/ folder. The combat routines are available to Honorbuddy; however, they are not visible in the file structure.

Figure 5.3 Plugins that are streamed from the Buddy Store are automatically presented in the traditional Plugin dialog.


Plugins will show up in the plugins list, as they always have—as shown in Figure 5.3. There is no downloading or installation you must do to make this happen—this happens automatically as a consequence of "streaming" the product from the Buddy Store.
Plugins obtained from the Buddy Store will NOT show up in your .../Honorbuddy/Plugins/ folder. The plugins are available to Honorbuddy; however, they are not visible in the file structure.

Figure 5.4 To access Profiles purchased from the store:
1. Click on the "down arrow" to the right of the words "Load Profile".
2. A "source selection" box is presented. Select "From Buddy Store".
3. On the "Profile Browser" popup dialog, select the profile you would like executed.
4. Click on the "Load" button to have the Buddy bot load that profile.
The profile will be execued when the Buddy bot is started.


Profiles are available when you "Load Profile" → "From Buddy Store" as shown in Figure 5.4. Loading a profile is a little more involved, since you must select the 'source', and which profile you wish to run. There is no downloading or installation you must do to make this happen—this happens automatically as a consequence of "streaming" the product from the Buddy Store.
Profiles obtained from the Buddy Store will NOT show up in your .../Honorbuddy/Default Profiles/ folder. The profiles are available to Honorbuddy; however, they are not visible in the file structure.
Loading a profile does not automatically start it. Once loaded, the profile will run when you start the Buddy bot.


Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Products from the Buddy Store

"When I buy a product in the Buddy Store, how do I know which Honorbuddy session keys it works with?"

The Buddy Store allows any purchased product to be run with all Honorbuddy session keys associated with the email address with which you made the purchase in the Buddy Store. This binding is done when you created your account at the Buddy Authentication Portal .

"I have a time-limited Session key. Can I buy products in the Buddy Store?"

Absolutely. The Buddy Store does not distinguish between a time-limited key (e.g., 3-day, month) and a lifetime key. You are most welcome to make purchases using an account associated with a time-limited key.
Please be aware that if you ask for a refund for any Buddy Store purchase, you will never be able to re-purchase that product again in the future should you change your mind. So, please make careful decisions in deciding to purchase products. This policy is made clear in another FAQ in this article, and the Buddy Store Terms of Service.

"The Buddy Store offers products only priced in Euros(€). Can I get prices in my local currency?"

No. All prices are shown in Euro(€). When a purchase is made, the product will be purchased in Euros. The checkout process will take care of converting the user's local currency into Euros.
Bossland GmbH's payment clearing house accepts over 80 forms of payment as listed here.

"I bought a developer's product before the Buddy Store opened. Do I have to re-buy the product from the Buddy Store?"

No. Bossland GmbH has made arrangements for developers to transfer their existing customer base to the Buddy Store. If you are an existing customer of a developer, you should receive a Gift Key in your email that allows you to redeem the product in the Buddy Store.

"I'm expecting a Gift Key from a developer. Which email will be used?"

All email correspondence is done with whatever email address you have on file with each Developer. The Buddy Store is not aware of the email address you used for this transaction. Developers will send you a hand-crafted email to the address at which you have on record with them.

"If I request a refund, do I request from the Buddy Shop, or the developer?"

Refunds are requested from the Buddy Shop on the My Purchases page. Any product made available in the Buddy Shop follows the same "7-day no questions asked"[1] refund policy as Bossland GmbH products.
Please be aware if you request a refund for a product, you will never be allowed to purchase that product again. This policy is made clear in the Terms of Service for using the Buddy Store. The policy exists to prevent abuse.

Whoops! I redeemed a Gift Key (or purchased a product) in the wrong Buddy Store account. How to fix this?

You must contact Bossland GmbH customer support as described in the "Frequently Asked Questions" here , and explain the situation to them.

How long are products offered in the Buddy Store supported?, or
Will I have to rebuy a product at the next game client expansion?

This concept is called a product's End-of-Life (EOL). The current Developer agreement requires developers to support their products for whichever comes first:
  • 18 months after the product is first published, or
  • the next game client expansion
To clarify how the "first publication" clause works...
Assume a product is made available, and you purchase the product 12 months later. The developer is only required to support that product for six months more. The "first publication" date is available in the product's change log.
It is up to each developer as to how an EOL due to expansion is handled...
The developer may just 'update' his product and "keep going" with the same product. Alternatively, the developer may shelve the old product, and introduce a new one. Since each expansion usually requires a complete rewrite of many products (Combat Routines in particular), the latter situation is very likely. Thus, you may be faced with re-buying the product when the game client expansion drops.

Managing Products from the Buddy Store

"Where do I download and install products purchased from the Buddy Store?

You don't.
"Released" Products purchased from the Buddy Store are magically available to Honorbuddy without requiring any further effort on your part. "Beta" products may require you to enable 'streaming' as described here .

"How do I stop content from streaming to Honorbuddy?"

There are many reasons a user may want to stop streaming a product:
  • A "lite" version of product was used, and the user has now purchased "premium"
  • The user owns a lot of products and has a slow Internet connection.
  • etc
To disable streaming of the product, follow the instructions outlined here .


I found a bug in the product that the developer has claimed to have repaired and submitted to the Buddy Store.
Yet, I am not getting the repaired version. I need it now!

It can take up to three business days for the Buddy development staff to review and approve changes made to the developer's product. This delay is not being caused by the developer. Your recourses are as follows:
  • Wait for the Buddy development staff's approval.
  • Ask the developer if there is room to add you to the Beta access for the product.
Frequently, this may not be possible. There are a very limited number of Beta users allowed, and the product's beta test team may already be full.
Please do not harass developers about this—either in the forums, or through Personal Messaging (PMs). Doing so can result in the forum moderators giving you an infraction.

"Help! I made a purchase and enabled streaming in the Buddy Store, but the Buddy bot is not showing my streaming content!"

The key you are using for your Buddy bot is not linked to your account at the Buddy Authentication Portal.
To remedy this situation, you will need to correctly set up your account at the Buddy Authentication Portal as described here . You will then need to contact Customer Service (described in the FAQ of that same article) to get the situation resolved.

"Some of my Buddy Store purchases were updated in the middle of a raid, but I'm not seeing it."

Honorbuddy only streams content from the Buddy Store when it is launched. If store content was updated while Honorbuddy is running, you will need to relaunch Honorbuddy to receive the update content.

"I'm getting lag while playing the game. Is this the Buddy Store 'streaming' doing this?"

No. The Buddy bot only streams content from the Buddy store when the bot is launched. After this, streaming is not used. Thus, the source of your lag is coming from somewhere else.

Store Integrity

"Are developers required to provide 'free' or 'trial' versions of their products in the Buddy Store?"

No. A developer is not required to offer a 'free' or 'trial' version. However, it is definitely in the developer's best interest to conduct one of these activities.

"What prevents a developer from 'taking my money and running'?"

The Buddy Store was put in place to prevent scams and protect users. Each developer must sign an agreement which involves a minimum support time of either 18 months, or until a new expansion.[2]
Developers have been personally verified by Bossland GmbH, and they sign a contract with six articles. You can be sure that we have the "paid product" situation controlled. For the free products, we now have a easy way to keep anything you run up to date, Honorbuddy streams the newest additions into it, when you launch it, so everything you have installed to help you, will be always up to date.
Bossland GmbH takes the developer contract very seriously, and works with law firms in several countries. The developer agreement will be enforced when necessary.
We also believe having many developers in a single store has additional benefits:
  • Users no longer have to scour the Internet looking for wares, and guessing at developer integrity.
  • Usage statistics should be more accurate when more customers are using the same site.
  • Testimonials and rating systems become more accurate with a single market.
  • Developers can concentrate on products, and not spend time on how to attract customers, payments, refunds, etc.
  • A larger (single) market helps a product get priced more 'fairly'.

"The products in the Buddy Store seem to be overpriced."

The Buddy Store is a regulated marketplace. Bossland GmbH has no influence on the price chosen by a developer. Supply and demand will bring the cost of the products to a 'fair' market price.
If you believe a price is "too high", we strongly recommend you do not purchase the product, look at less expensive alternatives, or wait and see if the developer offers a 'sale' on the product at a future time.
From the developer's side, they may want to keep prices high to intentionally limit demand. For instance, a gathering or pick-pocket profile becomes worthless if the entire user-base is using it.
This is how free markets work.

"Where is the rating system? I have feedback to give!"

Plans are to eventually make available a five-star rating system in the Buddy Store.
Although the details of the rating system are yet to be finalized, we plan to allow you to directly rate the product you use. To prevent abusing the rankings, the ability to rank a product will be delayed for a period of time after you purchase it. The details are still being determined as to whether the delay should be 7, 14, or 30 days.
Our goal is to prevent ranking system "gaming" for both the developer and the user. We wish the marketplace to be as honest and balanced as possible for all parties in the transaction.
The Buddy Store also makes available a 'popularity' system based on sales. There are "top 5" lists for all categories and sorting inside categories are done by sale counts (e.g., Combat Routines, Plugins, Profiles, etc).

"I am concerned the Buddy Store is turning the bot into a pay-to-play product"

The Buddy bot you initially bought came with a suite of capabilties to which we are constantly adding—you can find the current list here . Additionally, one of our major benefits is keeping your WoWaccount safe through Tripwire technology .
The Buddy bots are not just frameworks meant to be extended by the Community. Each Buddy bot ships with a set of fully functioning, healthy capabilities. To add to that, many of the profiles, plugins, and bots you find in our forum are written by the Bossland GmbH staff. In other words, you felt the Buddy bot was a 'fair' value proposition; otherwise, you would not have purchased it. The value proposition is not diminished at all by the introduction of the Buddy Store!
There are not enough people in the world that Bossland GmbH could hire to offer you all the additions that are done by the Buddy Community. Nor, would the very cheap Lifetime bot price be able to cover such a development effort. We stay focused on what we can do best, Bots. The Community does what it can do best... take our product, run with an idea, and add value to the base.
The concern expressed by most about a Buddy Store is that every product will be paid and expensive. Bossland GmbH has not 'invented' a paid after-market—it has merely consolidated the one that already existed. Consolidating the market to a single location gives the user more leverage to influence market prices. If a product is "too expensive", then the user should not purchase the product, find a cheaper alternative, or wait for the product to go on sale. With a single market, the more users that behave in this fashion, the faster the market reaches a 'fair' price.
There will always be 'free' products in the marketplace
  • A developer is motivated to offer 'free' versions to attract customers
  • Some developers are motivated by factors other than money
We understand the apprehension some Community members may have about the Buddy Store. But, such apprehension is misplaced.


  1. The "7-day" timeframe for a 'no questions refund' may be subject to change in 2015 when new EU laws go into effect.
  2. This is offered as an example of the contract terms—the details of the actual contract are in the developer agreement.