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What is the Buddy Authentication Portal?

The Buddy Authentication Portal is responsible for authorizing your use of any product purchased from Bossland GmbH. The product may either be the original bot session keys (Demonbuddy, Honorbuddy, etc), or a product purchased from the Buddy Store.
Your account at the Authentication Portal is directly tied to the email address you used to purchase the Buddy bots (e.g., Demonbuddy, Honorbuddy, etc.). The Authentication portal account allows you to:
  • View the session keys for the Bossland GmbH bot you have purchased
  • Terminate active sessions of running bots
  • Disable/Enable Tripwire
It is strongly advised you never disable Tripwire. The only reasonable scenario where it makes sense to disable Tripwire is you know for a fact the account has been caught, and its simply a matter of time before the punishment arrives. In this situation, you may want to continue botting even though Tripwire has taken the bot offline for your protection.

Creating your account on the Buddy Authentication Portal

Figure 1.1. The Register button is on the top right of the Buddy Authentication portal page.
To get started creating your account at the Authentication Portal
  • Click here → Buddy Authentication Portal to navigate to the portal
  • Locate the Register button as shown in Figure 1.1, and click it.
  • The portal will present the dialog shown in Figure 1.2.

Figure 1.2. Filling in the required Account information.
Fill out the account information, with these considerations:
  1. User name

    Enter a user name for your account on the Authentication Portal. This name has absolutely no relationship to your name on The Buddy Forum. The Buddy Forum and the Buddy Authentication Portal are two completely different systems that do not communicate with each other.

    You are free to make it the same name as on the forum, if the name is available on the Authentication Portal. For security reasons, we recommend that you do not do this.

  2. Email address

    This must be the same email address you used to purchase your Bossland GmbH bot. If you use any other email address, you will not obtain access to your Buddy product session keys. You will not be able to buy anything from the Buddy Store.

  3. Password

    We recommend a strong password (12 characters minimum). Do NOT use the same password you use on the Buddy Forum.

    Forums are notoriously insecure and subject to occasional hacking and password theft. If you use the same password as on the forums, then a forum breach would give the attacker access to your Bossland GmbH bots, and the Buddy Store account associated with them.

After you have successfully registered your new account, make certain you can view your Buddy product keys as discussed below. If you cannot see your keys, then your Authentication Portal account is not linked to your Buddy product, and you will not be able to make any purchases (even for free products) from the Buddy Store.
→ The only cause of failing to obtain access to your keys, is that you entered the wrong email address when registering with the portal.

Viewing Your Purchased Bossland GmbH Session Keys

Figure 2.1. Accessing your Keys.
Figure 2.1 shows the menu that provides access to your session keys. After you click on this menu, a list of session keys will be presented to you, similar to that shown in Figure 2.2.

Figure 2.2. List of Keys owned by your email address.
    (All keys shown are intentionally invalid.)
If you ever have to re-install a Bossland GmbH bot from scratch, this resource is invaluable for finding the session key information needed to launch the bot again.

Managing Your Active Sessions

Figure 3.1. Accessing your active botting sessions.
What is a session? A session, and other similar concepts are discussed here .
There are many valid reasons for wanting to explicitly terminate a session:
  • You left a bot running on another computer, and would like to use the session on your current computer
  • Occasionally, one of the Buddy bots may die and leave a session open.
When this happens, the session key is still 'in use'; however, there is no bot on the other end actually using it. This situation most frequently happens when the Buddy bot is terminated in an ungraceful fashion (e.g., relogger, Alt-F4, or other such technique).
Sessions with no active bot on them will be detected by the Authentication Portal and terminated within a few minutes. But, many times users do not wish to wait this long.

Figure 3.2. List of active botting sessions.
Figure 3.1 shows the menu that provides access to your active session keys. After you click on this menu, a list of active bot sessions will be presented, similar to that shown in Figure 3.2.
Merely select which sessions you wish to terminate, and click on the "Kill Selected" button.


Frequently Asked Questions

I used the wrong email address to sign up on the Authentication Portal, or
I no longer have access to the email address I signed up with the Authentication Portal.

In either of these situations, you will need to contact Bossland GmbH Customer service via the website (BosslandGmbH Customer Service) or email (, and explain the problem.
The Customer Service department will need you to prove you are the owner of the Buddy bot. This requires the following information.
  • The original purchase email address.
  • The transaction id of the purchase order your original received in email.
  • If you know the product key information, you should send that also.
The Customer Service department can take up to 48 hours to respond to the email, and they don't work weekends, so please be patient.

Why would anyone have more than one session for a given bot product?

Indeed, most people start with a single session key. However, it is not uncommon for players to get a second key to have two accounts used together—after all, this now provides the capability of a tank and healer combination.
Even better, you'll find that many people that have been around for a while have five keys, so they can take an entire party into a Dungeon without having to deal with filling out a party. Some really adventurous members have ten keys, so the can be their own raid group, although this is not an AFK-able proposition.
Lastly, we've got the "gold farmers" and people that have "toon leveling businesses" that you will find with upwards of 20 keys.

I have multiple keys for the same product. Can all the sessions be merged into one key?

Yes. Contact Bossland GmbH Customer service via the website (BosslandGmbH Customer Service) or email (, and explain the problem.
The Customer Service department will need the following information to achieve your goal:
  • Your original purchase email address and transaction id (to prove you are the owner authorized to make such a request).
  • The key numbers you want merged.
  • The key number you would like to 'keep'.

I have too many sessions on one key. Can you split the sessions across multiple keys?

No. The Customer Service department will not perform this operation.